Experience information like never before.
Let the technology empower your discussions.

What is TopicRay?

It's hard to describe it and everybody sees it differently:

  • MindMap + Chat
  • Next generation of forums/google groups
  • Chat on steroids
  • Improved GoogleWave
  • Replacement of IRC

All we know for sure that our goal is to make online communication and collaboration as effective as in real life and even more. We address existing issues with current online text communication. And while real time communication is more effective it has downsides itself, which could be solved by technology.

Mind map for discussion

Mind maps are awesome, but have you ever felt that you want to use them a bit more and have a discussion inside it? Mind maps are great for visualising and memorizing information. Combine it with a chat system and you will get a very powerful tool. Its consistency will help you remember things and build a discussion map in your head. You will find things where you left them.

More people is better

Don't be afraid to invite more people into your discussion. With little effort you can have many people communicating at the same time without interrupting each other and not stopping each others flow of thoughts.

Brainstorm through discussion

Can't get your team together in a single room? It is more convenient to do it online. Use full potential for online collaboration, build new ideas on top old ones. When you finished go back and see who came up with the idea first and who contributed to it.

Communicate and collaborate in real time

Have an ease to have discussion in a single place. Follow other people's discussion the way it was unfolding. Keep track of your unread messages and don't waste time on something that you have already read. You can always leave, come back and continue the discussion from any point you want.

Never be confused in your discussion again

Keep different topics separately. People don't discuss two different topics at the same time in real life, so why not? Because it is confusing and hard to follow for more than two people. While it is still common online, it makes online communication much slower and more confusing and chat tools don't help you at all.